vineyard management and contract services

Vitilink is gaining a reputation as a leading vineyard management operations with around 400 hectares currently being managed on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Specific services can also be offered on a project by project basis. Vitilink has an extensive fleet of vineyard equipment operated by a team of experienced, qualified and fully licenced operators.

vineyard management

Comprehensive management services encompassing all components of vineyard management:

  • Preparation of annual and long term crop care programs and budgets
  • Supply and manage all human resources
  • Supply and manage all plant and equipment (or utilise existing)
  • Financial and Administration Services

contract services

Contract Services are offered on a project by project basis as required. All operations are carried out by trained and licenced personnel. Our list of services include:

  • Herbicide and fungicide spraying – we can assist with the supply of chemical and chemical selection. Fully licenced operator and quality assured systems
  • Mechanical weed control – slashing, discing, rotary hoeing, under vine weeding
  • Foliage Management – manual trimming, manual wire lifting, shoot thinning, vine training, desuckering
  • Pruning – mechanical and hand pruning
  • Trellis repairs – post knocking, wire running
  • Irrigation repairs – chlorine/chemical flushing, running drip tube, pipe and general repairs
  • Labour supply – all manual tasks
  • Property maintenance – general repairs, clearing vacant land, fencing
  • Mechanical harvesting