vineyard development and redevelopment

Whether starting from scratch, or expanding an existing vineyard, Vitilink can provide a service that includes all aspects of the development process. From replanting or reworking an existing area whilst keeping the irrigation and trellising systems in place, or providing a complete replacement, Vitilink and manage all aspects of the redevelopment process.


Project Planning

  • Budget and business plan preparation
  • Vineyard design
  • Implementation plan


  • Soil preparation
  • Irrigation system design and installation
  • Sourcing of plant material
  • Vine planting and ongoing maintenance

Ongoing management

  • Vitilink can offer a comprehensive management service. Or provide contract services as required


Vineyard Removal

  • Removing each individual vine while leaving irrigation and trellis infrastructure in place
  • Removing all vines / trellis / irrigation in a clean sweep, separating components for recycling and disposal
  • Cordon removal, leaving trellis wires in place.


  • Supply of replanting 
  • Comprehensive replanting 

Ongoing Management

  • Vitilink can offer a comprehensive management service, or provide contract services as required.